Served Monday-Friday until 11am; Saturday until 12pm; and Sunday until 1pm

To split any plate add 2.00.  Most breakfast entrees served with your choice of side and toast unless otherwise noted.

Eggs, Meat, & Potatoes*

Two eggs cooked to order with your choice of pepper bacon, Zenner's ground chorizo, pork sausage patty, beef patty, ham steak, veggie sausage, or veggie patty. Served with potatoes or greens and your choice of toast. | 10.29 w/o meat 8.29

Biscuits & Gravy

Grilled house made buttermilk biscuits smothered with our "World Famous" country sausage gravy. | 6.99 double it up (two biscuits) 9.25

Big Ol'Biscuit Bowl

Our home made buttermilk biscuits mounded high with bacon, scrambled eggs, and three cheese blend then drenched with our famous country gravy. | 10.69 

Chicken Fried Steak & Eggs*

Black Angus beef cutlet, breaded, fried, and smothered with Country Sausage Gravy. Served with choice of side and toast. | 11.49 

Hang Town

The classic San Francisco "last meal" frittata of eggs, local oysters lightly dredged in seasoned flour, pepper bacon, and spinach finished with parmesan cheese. Served with choice of side and toast. | 11.29 

Breakfast Burrito

We stuff scrambled eggs, three cheeses, home fries, diced tomato, green onions, bacon and your choice of pork sausage or Zenner's ground chorizo into a large flour tortilla. Served with sour cream, Lou's roasted salsa, & field greens w/ cranberry citrus vinaigrette. | 10.69 

Lakota Breakfast Changa

It may not induce vision quests or detoxify like a sweat lodge, but it will cure what ails ya. We deep fry a breakfast burrito then drench half in sausage gravy and half in our new spicy holly. | 14.29 

Steak & Eggs*

8oz top sirlion* with two farm fresh eggs, choice of side and toast. | 14.99 

Eggs Benedict

Canadian bacon and poached eggs on an English muffin covered with rich hollandaise sauce served with potatoes or field greens with cranberry citrus vinaigrette. | 10.49 veggie benedict (now with avocado) 9.69


Scrambled egg skillet cooked with peppers, jalapenos, onion, cheddar, and tortilla strips. Topped with diced tomatoes and a dollop of sour cream. Served with corn tortillas. | 10.49 

Paleo Breakfast Tacos

Three corn tacos, scrambled eggs with jam and jalapeno. Topped with fresh onion, tomato, and cilantro. Served with Lou's Roasted Salsa and a cup of fruit. | 10.69 

French Toast

Thick slices of Challah bread dipped in Gap's special blend of egg, honey, and cinnamon served with maple syrup, powdered sugar, lemon & seasonal fruit. | 10.29 


Corned Beef Hash*

Grilled hashbrowns, onions, bell peppers, and deli corned beef, served with two eggs any style on top, toast, and a side of cocktail sauce. | 10.89

Cheesey Hash*

Homefries, peppers, yellow & green onions topped with our house made cheese sauce. Served with two eggs any style and two strips of pepper bacon on top and toast. | 10.89

Blackened Salmon Hash*

Grilled hashbrowns with peppers, onions, black olives, tomatoes, and spinach topped with 4oz NW blackened Salmon, and two eggs any style. Served with toast. | 15.99

Lamb Hash*

Onions, tomato, red potato, roasted garlic, rosemary, feta, cumin & chopped lamb. Topped with cilantro sour cream. Served with two eggs on top and toast. | 10.69

Wild Salmon Lox Hash*

Grilled hashbrowns with red onions drizzled with cilantro sour cream sauce and chopped tomatoes. Topped with wild cold smoked salmon nova lox and two eggs any style. Served with toast. | 10.99

Veggie Hash*

AKA The Cure o'Naturale. Homefries with seasonal veggies plus kale, bell peppers, spinach, and onions. Then smothered with cheddar cheese, fresh diced tomatoes and finished with ancho chipotle sauce. Served with two eggs & toast. | 9.99 add veggie sausage 3.75

The Cure*

60% of the time it works every time! Hashbrowns with diced ham steak, onions, and bell peppers, smothered with cheddar, mozzarella, tomatoes & green onions. Served with two eggs and toast. | 10.39

Chorizo Hash*

Onions, tomato, red potato, roasted garlic, rosemary, feta, cumin & Zenner's ground chorizo. Served with two eggs on top and toast. | 10.69

Side Choices


Fried red potatoes with sea salt and rosemary

Field greens tossed in cranberry citrus vinaigrette

Fresh fruit (add 1.00)

Breakfast Sandos

All sandos are served with field greens with cranberry citrus vinaigrette.

LIL' Breakfast Sando

An English muffin filled with egg, cheddar cheese, and your choice of Canadian bacon, peppered bacon, sausage patty, or veggie sausage. | 7.99


Our black angus beef cutlet, fried and stacked on top of toasted Challah with scrambled eggs, swiss, and pickled onions. Served with a side of gravy. | 11.49

Bacon & Brie Breakfast Sando

Scrambled eggs with pepper bacon, brie, and finished with fresh house made pickled onions in between a toasted English muffin. | 8.29

Veggie Breakfast Sando

Scrambled eggs with spinach, Swiss, sliced tomato, pickled onions, ancho chipotle sauce, and avocado in between toasted challah. | 8.49

Omelettes & Scrambles

Choose scramble or omelette; served with hashbrowns, fried reds, or field greens and toast.

The Basic

Choice of cheddar or three-cheese blend. Build your own by selecting any of the fixin's below. | 8.99

Big Country

Ham, pepper bacon, ground beef, peppers, onions, cheddar, provolone, mozzarella, and corn topped off with a scoop of our "world famous" sausage gravy. | 11.49


Pepper bacon, spinach, mushrooms, and three cheese blend, then drizzled with dijob holly. | 10.99

The Edggie Veggie

Spinach, kalamata olives, mushrooms, red onion, feta cheese, Roma tomatoes and no meat to eat, all topped with shaved parmesan cheese. | 10.69

Sioux Son

Mushrooms, bacon, melted cheddar & scallions. | 10.49

Bacon and Bleu

Avocado, pepper bacon, and three cheese blend, topped with creamy bleu cheese. | 10.99

Wild Salmon Nova Lox*

Feta and green onions, topped with wild cold smoked salmon nova lox finished with capers and topped with cilantro sour cream sauce. | 11.29

Zenner's Chorizo+Potato+Cheese

Fresh fried red potato, Zenner's ground chorizo, mozzarella, and onions. Topped with spicy holly. | 10.99


Add on any of the following items:

50¢ ea | Onions, tomatoes, green peppers, green onions, pineapple, black olives, kalamata olives, mushrooms, basil, roasted garlic, pepperoncini, artichokes, jalapenos, spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, roasted red pepper.

$1.25 ea | pepper bacon, ham, Zenner's ground chorizo, shredded pork, ground pork sausage, veggie sausage, seasoned beef, taco chicken, sour cream, feta, extra cheese, cheddar, bleu cheese, pesto, pepperoni.

Lighter Side

Wild Salmon Lox Plate*

Wild cold smoked salmon nova lox, toasted challah bread, whipped cream cheese, tomato, and pickled onions. | 9.99

Sweet Cream Flapjacks

Monday through Saturday only

2 hugified flaps = 6.99 | 1 hugified flap = 3.99

Fresh Fruit Parfait

Layers of vanilla yogurt and Bob's Red Mill whole grain, all-natural granola topped with chunks of fresh seasonal fruit and sweet whipping cream. | 6.25

Bob's Red Mill Hot Oats

100% whole grain thick rolled oats served with fresh seasonal fruit and toast. | 7.29 brown sugar, raisins, and milk upon request

Penny's Gigantic Cinnamon Roll

Baked in house daily! | 5.99

ADD chopped bacon | 1.00

The Elvis: chopped bacon, peanut butter, and a touch of maple syrup! | 7.99


Buffalo Wing Bar

All wings served with celery and bleu cheese

Choose your Wings:
Buffalo Wings

 1lb+ of our famous jumbo wings | 10.99

No-Bone Wings

Densely breaded chicken breast fritters | 9.49

Pork Wings

Three jumbo shanks | 11.99

Choose your Sauce:
Gapdaddy's Winger (hot or mild)
Jack's Famous BBQ
Garlic Parmesan
Sweet & Spicy
Teriyaki and grilled orange salsa
Habanero Plum

Basket of Fries

Fresh Fried Potato Chips | 5.65

House Fries | 5.65

Waffle Fries (w/ ranch) | 5.95

Tater Tots (w/ ranch) | 5.95

Sweet Potato Fries | 6.65

Chix Tenders & Fries

Classic chicken fingers! A very lightly breaded chicken tenderloin, served with fries and ranch. | 8.99

Loaded Potato Skins

Halved russet potato skins stuffed with bacon, cheddar, olives, tomatoes, and green onions, served with sour cream. | 8.79

Hummus Plate

Freshly made hummus served with toasted naan, roasted garlic, feta cheese, kalamata olives, celery, cucumbers, pickled onions, carrot sticks, and pepperoncinis. | 8.89

Spinach & Artichoke Dip

Now with double the artichoke! Served with tricolored tortilla chips. | 8.29

Mozzarella Cheese Stix

Hunky chunks of fried mozzarella cheese. Served with marinara. | 7.99

Fried Brie

Mini wheel of herb crusted Danish Brie, served with toasted Rosemary Artisan bread, fresh apples, roasted garlic, grapes, and Oregon candied hazelnuts. | 10.49

Chipotle Cheese Quesadilla

A blend of three cheeses with peppers, onions, lettuce, Lou's roasted salsa and topped off with chipotle pepper sauce and cilantro sour cream sauce. | 7.99

Add bbq pork, taco beef, chicken, or jumbo honey lime prawns | 3.75

Clam Strips

Succulent battered sea clams served with tartar and cocktail sauce. | 9.79 add fries 2.50

Six Shooters*

Fresh Pacific NW Oyrster Shooters served ice cold in our zesty cocktail sauce. | 9.00 single 1.75

Skewer Sampler

Three sweet & spicy chicken skewers, two flat iron skewers, and two honey & lime prawn skewers. | 14.99

Mt. Rushmore Nacho

Fresh Fried Tortilla Chips piled high, smothered with 3 cheeses, olives, tomatoes, green onions, black beans, sour cream, and a side of house made salsa. Choice of beef, chicken, chili, or pork, or combine any two meets. | Full 14.95 / Half 10.95 | small guac 1.79 / large guac 3.95

Crazy Horse Nacho

We hugify our Mt. Rushmore nacho and serve it on a GIANT 18" platter. Share with all your friends. Choice of beef, chicken, chili, pork, or combine any two. | 26.00

Specialty Salads

Soups & Salads

Badlands Chili

Our all-meat chili with 27 herbs and spices, topped with shredded cheddar and onions. A true classic and proud favorite! Each order comes with our home-made corn bread. | bowl 6.99 / cup 4.79

Soup O'Day

bowl 5.50 / cup 3.50 / quart to-go 9.50

Soup & Salad Combo

Cup of soup and large mixed green salad. | 8.49

Reverse it - bowl of soup and small mixed green salad. | 8.99

Mixed Green Salad

Mixed greens, cucumbers, olives, tomatoes, shredded cheese and sunflower seeds. | 4.99 small / 6.99 large

Paleo Green Salad

A bed of field greens with tomatoes, cucumbers, sunflower seeds, onions, and lemon. | 4.99 small / 7.99 large

Great with blackened salmon and grilled orange lime salsa!

Salad Add-Ons

Sweet & Spicy Chix Skewers (3) | 4.75

Honey Lime Prawns (2) | 3.75

Grilled Chicken | 3.75

Salmon Lox | 5.75

Flat Iron Skewers (2) | 6.75

Steak (8oz) | 7.00

Blackened Salmon | (4oz) 5.50 / (8oz) 8.50

Jump Honey-Lime Prawn Caesar

Romaine lettuce tossed in our classic Caesar dressing, homemade croutons, sprinkled with shaved parmesan cheese, & topped with six jumbo skewered tiger prawns dripping with honey lime marinade. | 11.79

Grilled Chicken Caesar | 11.74

Pesto Chicken Caesar | 11.74

Blackened Salmon (4oz) Caesar | 13.49

Asian Kale Chop-Chop

Fresh nutty kale, iceberg, and romaine hand-chopped with red onion, julienne carrot, red cabbage, shaved almonds, raisins, and sesame dressing. Topped with three sweet & spicy chicken skewers & fresh cilantro. | 10.79

Taco Salad

A crispy tortilla shell filled to the brim with lettuce, seasoned ground beef, taco chicken or grilled chicken, zesty black beans, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, olives, sour cream, and green onions. Served with salsa and tortilla chips for scooping. | 10.49 | small guac 1.79 / large guac 3.95

Paleo Taco Salad

Chopped romaine, napa, mounded with slow roasted pulled pork, diced roma, black olives, and fresh avocado. Finished with sunflower seeds & cilantro. Served with salsa | 11.49

Kibbey's Wedge

A thick wedge cut of fresh iceberg lettuce topped with chopped pepper bacon, tomato, and house made bleu cheese dressing. | 9.29

The Candied Hazelnut

Fresh cut apples, grilled chicken, bleu cheese crumbles, mixed greens, red onion, balsamic vinaigrette, with Oregon candied hazelnuts. | 10.99

Cowboy Chopped Salad

Hand chopped salad with iceberg and romaine, tomato, corn, zesty black beans, cheddar, and tossed in a BBQ style ranch dressing. Topped with diced BBQ chicken breast, crispy fried onions, and fresh cilantro. | 10.79

Beet Salad

Spinach, romaine, and iceberg tossed with deep red beets, carrots, shaved almonds, garbanzo beans, tossed in a balsamic bleu cheese dressing topped with pickled onions and feta. | 11.29

"Our Way" Cobb Salad

Hand chopped salad with bacon, egg, red onion, bleu cheese crumbles, tossed in an Italian bleu cheese dressing topped with grilled chicken and diced tomato garnish. | 10.79


All sandwiches & burgers served with your choice of: scratch recipe soup, salad, cole slaw, cottage cheese, or choose any one of our fires (fresh fried potato chips, house fries, waffle fries, tater tots, or sweet potato fries (add 1.00). Unless otherwise noted.

Kobe Beef Sliders

Three Snake River Ranch Kobe Beef sliders topped with pepper bacon, brie cheese, and rosemary garlic aioli. Served with your choice of soup, salad, or fries. | 10.79


Pepper bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo on toasted sourdough. | 8.29 add avocado 1.99

The John Wayne

Do it like "THE Duke!" Almost 3/4lb of bacon, plus lettuce, tomato, and mayo on a toasted kaiser roll. | 11.29

Wild Billy Cheese Steak

Grilled roast beef, sauteed onions and peppers, Italian dressing and philly cheese on a philly roll. | 10.29

Turkey Club

Pepper baco, turkey, swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, 1000 island and mayo on a Kaiser roll. | 10.29

Beef & Bleu

An old favorite with a new twist...sliced roast beef, our special bleu cheese spread, lettuce and tomatoes on a lightly grilled artisan rosemary bread. | 10.49

Edggie Veggie Hummwich

This no cow sandwich is crammed with dijon hummus, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, roasted red peppers, onions, spinach, feta, Italian vinaigrette and melted Swiss cheese on toasted dark rye. | 9.79

Go full pork by adding slow roasted pork and Canadian bacon!

"The" Reuben (or sub turkey!)

Our "world famous" double-decker with corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and our secret reuben sauce on dark rye. | 11.29

Fish San

Beer battered cod, with our homemade tartar sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and onions on a toasted Kaiser roll. | 9.99

sub Halibut - market price

Grilled Mac-n-Cheese Sando

Grilled sourdough stuffed with mac-n-cheese, pepperjack, and pepper bacon. Served with your choice of soul, salad, or fries. | 10.49

Slow-Roasted Pork Sando

Slow cooked and tangy, our own bbq pork and house made cole slaw are piled high atop a toasted Kaiser roll. | 9.99

Steak Sandwich*

A juicy 8oz. top sirloin filet charbroiled any way you like it on a toasted philly roll, with rosemary garlic aioli topped with lettuce, tomato, and cowboy onions. | 13.49

Beef au Jus

Thinly sliced roast beef piled high on a philly roll with grilled onions, Swiss cheese, and a side of au jus for dipping. | 9.99

Meatloaf Sandwich

Grandy's old fashioned meatloaf thickly sliced with lettuce, tomatoes, and mayo served cold on sourdough, OR served hot on toasted sourdough with grilled red onions! | 9.79

Lamb Gyro

Thinly sliced lamb, shredded lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, feta, tzatziki sauce, and pepperoncinis. Choice of side. | 10.49 double meat 3.50

Buffalo Chicken Gyro

Grilled buffalo chicken, shredded lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, bleu cheese sauce & crumbles, plus pepperoncinis. Choice of side. | 10.49 double meat 3.50

Taco Bar

3 corn tortillas stuffed with your choice of filling (choose one below), loaded with Napa cabbage, tomatoes, three cheeses, and drizzled with cilantro lime garlic sauce. Served with chops and roasted salsa. | 10.79 add soup or salad 2.50

Slow-Roasted Pork
Taco Chicken
Seasoned Beef
Black Bean
Beer Battered Cod
Honey Lime Prawns (add 1.00)
Beer Battered Halibut (add 1.00)


All burgers served with lettuce, tomato, pickle, goop, and onion (unless otherwise noted) AND choice of soup, salad, or fries.

Step 1: Select Your Meat*

1/2lb ground beef, 1/2lb buffalo patty (add 3.00), meat loaf, chicken breast, or veggie patty

Step 2: Choose Your Style

All American

Lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle, and goop with choice of cheese: Tillamook Cheddar, Swiss, Pepperjack, Mozzarella, or Philly Swiss. | 10.29


Smothered with haystack onions, melted pepperjack, and our Black Hills BBQ sauce. | 10.89

Badlands Chili

Served open-faced with mounds of our "World Famous" ALL MEAT chili! Topped with cheddar and onions. | 11.29

Bacon & Bleu

Pepper bacon and secret bleu cheese spread. | 10.89

Black Hills BBQ

Grilled onions and peppers, cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, and avocado. | 10.89


Buffalo wing sauce and bleu cheese crumbles. | 10.89


Avocado, cucumbers, chopped spinach, onion, tomato, pepperjack, and Ancho Chile Chipotle sauce. | 10.89

Corned Beef Burger

With corned beef, 1000 island, Swiss, and pickled onions. That's over 3/4lb of meat! | 14.99

Mushroom Swiss

Double Shroom, swiss, and goop | 10.89


Roasted garlic, sauteed onion, rosemary garlic aioli, and shaved parmesan. Bring your own tic-tacs. | 10.89

The Mule

Why not? Two of our signature 1/2lb patties, topped with Canadian bacon, cheese of your choice, goop, and a fried egg. | 14.99 half-arse (one patty) 10.99

Ask your server how to paleofy your Mule!

Bacon Guacamole

Guacamole, pepper bacon, pepperjack, goop, and chopped red peppers. | 10.89

Peanut Buddy

Peanut butter, bacon, pickles, goop, & cheddar. | 10.89

Hot-Diggity Damn

Srirachi aioli, sauteed onions and diced jalapenos in hot sauce, pepperjack, and cole slaw. | 10.89

Beet Burger

Sliced beets, fried egg, feta cheese, mayo, and pickled onions. | 10.89

Lose your buns!

Swap the bun for lettuce.


Pizza Pies

All pies available for lunch and dinner! 16" and 17" pizza pies available after 3pm daily

Personal Pizza Combo

Served all day! A 7" round pizza perfect for one person...choose any two toppings plus a soup or salad. | 9.99

Build Your Own Pie

We start with our "World Famous" hand-shaped crust topped with Grandma Stutzerelli's renowned sauce, and mozzarella cheese...then you pick the toppings!

Personal 8.29 / 16" Pie x 13.00 / 18" Pie x 18.50

Choose your Toppings:

Onions, tomatoes, green peppers, green onions, red onions, pineapple, olives, mushrooms, spinach, basil, roasted garlic, pepperoncini, artichokes, or jalapenos. | 16" x 1.25 ea / 18" x 1.75 ea

Meats & Other:

Italian sausage, Canadian bacon, ground beef, meat balls, pork, Zenner's ground chorizo, chicken, extra cheese, bleu cheese, feta, pesto, and pepperoni. | 16" x 1.75 ea / 18" x 2.25 ea

Pizza by the Slice

Need a late-night snack? How 'bout a lice o' heaven? Slices of pie served every night from 10pm-close! | 3.00/slice


Meat Pie

Sausage, chorizo, canadian bacon, ground beef, pepperoni, and three cheeses! Meat good, cheese good! | personal 8.99 / 16" pie 19.99 / 18" pie 26.99

Pesto Pizza

Our rich pesto sauce and spicy pepperoni with mozzarella cheese, topped with fresh tomatoes. | personal 7.99 / 16" pie 15.99 / 18" pie 22.99

Dakota Chicken Pie

Chopped up bits of grilled chicken breast tossed in Gap Daddy's Buffalo Wing Sauce, peppers, onions, and mozzarella. Sprinkled with bleu cheese crumbles and served with a side of bleu cheese dressing and fresh celery for good measure! | personal 8.99 / 16" pie 19.99 / 18" pie 26.99

Luu-Luu Pie

Light spread of Grandma Stutzerelli's sauce, candied hazelnuts, bleu cheese crumbles, diced red onion, artichoke hearts, mozzarella, and chopped pepperoncini. | personal 7.99 / 16" pie 15.50 / 18" pie 22.50

Buffalo Pie

The classic combo piled high with pepperoni, Italian sausage, mushrooms, onions, black olives, and green peppers. | personal 8.99 / 16" pie 19.99 / 18" pie 26.99

Edggie Veggie Pie

Our cheese pie smothered with spinach, kalamata olives, mushrooms, red onion, feta cheese, Roma tomatoes, and no meat to eat, all topped with shaved parmesan cheese. | personal 7.99 / 16" pie 15.50 / 18" pie 22.50

Pulled Porkie Pie

Secret sauce of ancho chipotle and bbq topped with slow roasted shredded pork, peppers, mozzarella, and cheddar cheese. Finished with crispy fried onions and scallions. | personal 8.99 / 16" pie 19.99 / 18" pie 26.99

Platters & Classics


Same great recipe now baked in a sauce of two cheeses, onions, and garlic finished with more cheese and served with our house-made cheddar cornbread. Choice of soup of salad.

Chili Mac | 13.99
Buffaloganoff & Cheese | 14.49
Grilled Chicken Mac | 12.49
Pesto Chicken Mac | 12.49
Bacon & Chorizo Mac | 12.99
Shrimp & Chorizo Mac | 13.99
Meatball Mac | 12.99
Flat Iron Skewers*

Four thinkly sliced flat iron steak skewers marinated in T-roy's secret marinade (it's sweet, spicy, gluten free, almost paleo, and may or may not be made from unicorns and rainbows). Chargrilled & served over a bed of veggies. Plus choice of soup or salad. | 14.99

Choose a paleo salad as your side, and it's paleo!

Fish Fry Friday

It's not just for Lent anymore! A huge captain's platter with 2pc cod, honey jalapeno prawn skewer, clamstrips, house fries, and house made slaw. Served with lemon, tartar, and cocktail sauce. | 21.95

3.00 off every Friday 11am-2am!

Butternut Squash Ravioli

Locally made ravioli tossed in a cheese sauce with diced roma tomatoes and shaved parmesan. Served with soup or salad. | 13.99

Paleo Prawn Platter

Three grilled honey-lime shrimp skewers topped with grilled orange lime salsa. Served over sweet potato mash. Paleo salad to start. | 13.99

Fish & Chips

A generous portion of our beer battered fish served with cole slaw, fries, and homemade tartar sauce. Choose your fish: Cod or Halibut.

Cod | 2pc 9.49 / 3pc 11.89 / 4pc 13.99
Halibut | 2pc / 3pc / 4pc MARKET PRICE
St. Louis Style Ribs

St. Louis style ribs slow cooked in our Black Hills BBQ sauce and finished off on our open flame grill. Served with cole slaw, sweet potato fries, and cornbread. | half rack 12.99 / full rack 18.99

Jumbo Pork Shanks

Three jumbo pork shanks tossed in a sweet & spicy glaze. Served over cheesey garlic mashed potatoes. Choice of soup or salad. | 15.99

Cowboy Steak Platter*

A tender 8oz top sirloin, hand-rubbed with our own coffee & spice blend, flame broiled then smothered with crisp haystack onions. Served with garlic mash, sauteed veggies, and your choice of soup or salad. Can be paleofied! | 16.99 add skewered prawns 3.50

Paleo Steak & Eggs*

8oz sirlion lightly seasoned with sea salt and pepper, served over seasoned veggies and sweet mash. Topped with two over medium eggs and avocado. Served with a paleo salad. | 17.99

Blackened Salmon

An 8oz portion of Northwest salmon topped with grilled orange lime salsa served over a bed of infused rice. Served with a side of fresh steamed vegetables and your choice of soup or salad to start. | full portion 15.99 / half portion 11.99

Fried Oysters

Pacific NW oysters lightly breaded and seasoned, deep fried and served with cole slaw and fries. | 15.49


A richly flavored offering of buffalo steak and onion, slow-simmered in their own gravy, combined with mushrooms, a little sherry and sour cream, ladled over wide egg noodles. Thick, soothing, and utterly delicious. Choice of soup or salad. | 15.99

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

You know who you are! This staff favorite named after one of our regulars (Beals' Meal) is simple - a grilled chicken breast, steamed veggies, and infused rice pilaf. Soup or salad. | 10.49

Grandy's Meatloaf Platter

Grandy's favorite secret recipe meatloaf cut thick topped with gravy just the way she likes it; a testament to the charms of a simple table. Served with sweet potato mash, sauteed veggies, and choice of soup or salad. | 14.29

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, eggs or unpasteurized milk may increase your risk of foodborne illness.